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The Rhoads & Sinon Labor Law Department represents and counsels both public and private sector employers and their management with their day-to-day labor issues. While we also handle employment matters, labor matters are more of a niche area of the law specifically involving unions that often require special labor counsel. In serving as special labor to our clients, we have:

  • successfully organized and led an anti-union campaign preventing the organization of a county’s Children & Youth Services Department;
  • served as Chief Negotiator for collective bargaining negotiations;
  • obtained favorable county awards in interest arbitration;
  • successfully defended grievances, including just cause for termination of public and private sector employees;
  • successfully defended unfair labor practice charges;
  • defended Civil Service matters, including appeals of suspension and termination;
  • aided in the daily administration of contract terms;
  • counseled clients on decertification of unions.

Collectively, the Rhoads & Sinon team has over 100 years of combined labor-law experience. Rhoads & Sinon attorneys are knowledgeable with respect to the unique procedural issues applicable to the negotiation of collective bargaining agreements with employees. Moreover, we have experience negotiating with the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, International Brotherhood of Teamsters, the United Steelworkers of America, and the Service Employees International Union, and as such, have an understanding of their respective bargaining strategies.